Pohs spiced tuna & coriander rice

Pohs spiced tuna & coriander rice


meet the expense of offer a zesty finish to Pohs spiced tuna & coriander rice by sprinkling some lemon zest beyond the top.

The ingredient of Pohs spiced tuna & coriander rice

  1. 1 1/2 cups SunRice Medium Grain white rice
  2. 2 tsp cumin seeds
  3. 1 large brown onion, diced 1cm
  4. 425g can tuna in oil, drained, flaked
  5. 3/4 cup firmly packed buoyant herbs (such as coriander, flat-leaf parsley or mint)
  6. 2 tbsp olive oil
  7. lighthearted soy sauce (or salt and pepper), to taste
  8. Lemon, zested and juiced (optional)

The instruction how to make Pohs spiced tuna & coriander rice

  1. activate in the manner of the rice. Cook SunRice Medium grain rice as per the pack instructions.
  2. Meanwhile, heat 2 tablespoons of oil past the cumin in a large non-stick fry pan (or wok) beyond medium heat until the cumin is fragrant. grow the onions and stir-fry until slightly translucent. ensue the tuna, excite through and remove from heat.
  3. Fold through the rice. Once combined, disturb through the vivacious herbs. If you have a lemon lying around, shave a sprinkle of zest higher than the culmination and a squeeze of lemon juice will liven things up!

Nutritions of Pohs spiced tuna & coriander rice


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